Pre Holiday Weekend

It's the last weekend before the 'official' start to the holiday preparations.

How will you spend it?

Will you decorate?

Or will you relax and enjoy the moment?

Happy weekend!

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Holiday Calm

First of all, thank you to each and every one of you that emailed me regarding the Dream post.

It means me more than I can express.  

Life can be trying, blogs should be an escape from that.

Speaking of trying.....the online shop was experiencing 'technical difficulties' last night.  

I apologize to any that tried to access it, only to find products missing descriptions.  

All has been sorted out and appears to be functioning normally.....for now!

It seems as if the holidays are upon us.  

The coming week in the US is the lead up to Thanksgiving and the dreaded 'Black Friday' chaos.  

I do admit to missing the excitement that comes with it, but definitely not the stress.

I am trying to get myself motivated to do some decorating here.  

That started with yesterday's moving of furniture to help accommodate all of the shop's paraphernalia that is current residing here.

Despite the pain of the process, I am pleased with the change and hope to take some photos over the next few days.

Enjoy the lead up to your weekend!

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