Fleaing From the Road

Searching out new sources is one of my favorite things to do.

The road trips associated with them are not always easy (like falling and realizing that poison oak is the plant beneath both your hand and bottom), but they are fun.

I love the rush of excitement when I walk in to a shop or stand and see something that sparks my imagination.  

That has happened on more than one occasion over the past week.

The second half of the trip starts today. 

I am hoping for better internet (and cell service) connectivity than was available on the first leg.....

.....and more sources of inspiration.

New finds from the trip are now in the shop.


Want More?

French Countryside

I am in a bit of whirlwind.

A buying trip is on the horizon.

So much to do before I leave.

But dreams of changing leaves ......

and cooler temperatures fill my mind.

Focus Simone, focus.

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