A Time For Family

Enjoy your day, what ever tasks it may bring.

Happy Thanksgiving eve from my home to yours.

New items online Thanksgiving evening-7pm Eastern

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A New Focus - Creating an Installation Wall

Changing my decor is something that I do on a daily basis.

Well, the small things anyway.

A large statement piece?  That comes along less frequently.

A huge wall in my living room is now bare.  A statement piece has moved on to a new owner to fill their home with French beauty.

Once something of mine is copied it loses a bit of its charm. 

When it is done twice?  Let's just say that I am sticking to the adage that it is the "sincerest form of flattery".

So, a new wall display is taking shape.......one filled with finds that touch my heart.  

One that is uniquely me.

One that can not easily be replicated.

After all, shouldn't your home reflect you instead of someone else?

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