French Tips

Dream of a life filled with baguettes, brocantes and French wine?  You aren't alone.

But how do you actually live in France....beyond the initial bliss?

It helps to understand some of the traditions that are so deeply engrained here.  

If you that have read the blog for any length of time, you know that food is at the center of French life.  Food and family.

The pairing is respected and as such, the family meal time is not disturbed.  Guests don't 'stop by' and no one calls during.....except very close friends and family.  

To begin integrating in to French life you respect this.  

In broad strokes the time for calls begins after 9:30am, is avoided from noon to 2pm and stops no later than 8pm (the official start of the French dinner time). 

Even though email is not as widely used as in the US, text messages are common.  Should you need to reach someone, send a message in one of these formats.  

It allows you to avoid delaying your communication and the recipient to respond at a time that is convenient.

On your next visit, try adapting to the customs of your destination.  

It can make the difference between visiting and feeling at home.

.....AND new items online Tuesday evening!  9pm Paris time.

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Lovely Weekend

Happy Friday.....

Here's wishing that all weekends involved a setting like this.

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