The French Buying Trip

The past 2 weeks have been spent traveling through areas of France that, until now, I had only dreamed of.

I have watched the sun rise over a chateau,

visited brocantes in out of the way villages,


....and viewed candy colored houses that lean.

There have been finds that were not meant to make the trip back home,

no matter how much I lusted over them,

and a few that were.

I have walked through arches that date back to the 12th century.....

and stepped inside a berger's hut...

....all the while making note of the places that make France so special to me.

I have wanted to share the destinations outside of Provence and Paris with those of you that have asked, but was reluctant to do so until I had experienced them first hand.

I am happy to say that areas covered by the brocante shopping visits will soon be expanding.  Stay tuned for more.

New finds from the trip are in the shop and the 40% off sale is extended through Sunday.  Enter 40OFF at checkout.

Have fun!


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Fleaing From the Road

Searching out new sources is one of my favorite things to do.

The road trips associated with them are not always easy (like falling and realizing that poison oak is the plant beneath both your hand and bottom), but they are fun.

I love the rush of excitement when I walk in to a shop or stand and see something that sparks my imagination.  

That has happened on more than one occasion over the past week.

The second half of the trip starts today. 

I am hoping for better internet (and cell service) connectivity than was available on the first leg.....

.....and more sources of inspiration.

New finds from the trip are now in the shop.
.....and take 40% off sale category through Saturday.  Code 40OFF at checkout.

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